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ZX-TEAM is one of the very last active ZX81 user groups worldwide! ZX-TEAM has been founded in 1991 by Joachim Merkl and has today in 1998 about 82 members, mostly in Germany, but even in Austria, England, the Netherlands and the USA.

We edit a bimonthly magazine, the ZX-TEAM-MAGAZIN. Because we are a German group, most articles are in German language.

ZX-TEAM cares about SINCLAIR ZX80 and ZX81, TIMEX TS1000 and TS1500, PC8300, POWER3000 and LAMBDA and such exotic like the JUPITER ACE.

We have made a lot of hardware projects for ZX81 like - floppy controller - harddisk controller - robotics with stepper motors - we run a ZX81 mailbox - full LCD screen - chip card reader and much much more.

All these projects are part of the ZX96 , not a new machine but a VERY extended ZX81.

Since 1999 we have a FPGA chip to replace the ZX81-ULA. This FPGA even drives a LCD display and makes the ZX81 more powerful and at last: portabel! We named this project ZX2000. Due to some problems it will be launched 2004, more coming soon!

We are just working to use MMC cards with the ZX81. The MMC cards can be connected with a really simple circuit to any PIO and you're done and have up to 8 MB storage capacity or even more on a single card!

You are invited to visit Peter's ZX-TEAM-HOMEPAGE, please follow me!!

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We are very curious to your comments, so please send e-mail to: Peter Liebert-Adelt or Kai Fischer.


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