6 years ZX-TEAM

an overview of our most interesting projects

At first, here are the hardware-related articles. Please note, the very most articles are in German language. It would take us a lot of valuable time to translate it into English, which we could not spend for designing new projects!

So, please, could somebody help us? Send us email, if you are interested in any of the below and if you moreover could help us with translation. We are also working, to set the German articles on another Web-page, so there will be an access soon.

Project title date short description
HRG adaptor 1/91 the simpliest circuit for HRG
POKE-card 1/91 detects a POKE 8,x instruction and latches the value
32k RAM expansion 1/91 with battery backup, called the "WilliRAM"
Speech processor 2/91 uses SP256-AL2 processor
Sound processor 2/91 uses AY-3-8910 sound chip
POKE-card update 2/91  
EPROM-blaster 3/91 an EPROM Programmer for the ZX81
Printer port 3/91 a comfortable Centronics interface
LOAD and SAVE 1/92 an improvement for better operation
Datalogger 2/92 A/D converter with CA3162
Video Kit 3/92 output for use a Video monitor with the ZX81
Stepper motors IF 4+5/92 very extended, for robotics controlling
ZX81 to ZX91 5/92 project introduction
Stepper motors Part 3 1/93  
Inverse Video 1/93 gives white letters on black background
Designing an "" 1/93 how to change CHARs in the ROM
Stepper motors Part 4 2/93  
One megabyte RAM! 3/93 an extension for up to 1MB additional memory
ROM adaptor 3/93 changing ROM with 16k-EPROM
Stepper motors Part 5 3/93  
Check the AC adaptor 3/93  
Heartbeat monitor 4/93 indicating a running ZX81 with LED
Lowpower ZX81 4/93 upgrading with internal accus
Large keyboard 5/93  
Power switch 5/93 switching up to 2 kW AC power
Byte grabber 5/93 displaying the whole bus state at defined breakpoints
Realtime clock 6/93 uses RTC58321 chip
Turbo indicator 6/93 indicating the FAST mode running with LED
ROM + WOM = RAM? 1/94 a write-only-memory
Colour module 2/94 yes, the ZX81 screen can be colored!
ZX80 drives telex 4/94 using a telex instead a printer
EPROM blaster scottish 4+5/94 a very cheap EPROM programmer up to 27128, fast programming mode
Addressdecoder 5/94 decoding the 2000h to 3FFFh area in 2k banks
DC-DC converter 5/94 step-up-converter for EPROM blaster up to 25 Volts
Mouse interface 6/94 connecting Atari mouses to ZX81
Measuring temperature 1/95 a temperature sensor with HRG display
EPROM checker 1/95 checks 6654 (512 x 8) EPROMs
Z80 children 1/95 an overview about Z80 compatible processors
First success with LCD 1/95 a very long-time project, first successes
Window-opener 2/95 time-controlled opening and closing of windows
Repairing the ZX81 2/95 hints for checking and repairing
LCD interface numeric 2/95 connecting small, alphanumeric LCDs to the ZX81
LCD display Part 1 3/95 THE interface for graphic-LCDs
CPC monitor connect 3/95 how to connect a CPC464 monitor to the ZX81
Improved cooling 3/95 hints for a cooler ZX
Numeric LCD Part 2 3/95 describes the 4bit-mode
LCD display Part 2 3/95 this produced some errors, again the graphic-LCD-Interface
The ZX81 harddisk 4/95 IDE interface for the ZX81
Repairing the ZX81 (2) 5/95  
EEPROM-ROM 5/95 changing the ROM with an EEPROM
EEPROM guide 5/95 many hints about handling EEPROMs
Digital resistor 6/95 a digital adjustable resistor, driven by a ZX81
BCD to binary 6/95 converting BCD values to binary format with EPROM
Chipcard reader 1/96 displays the memory content of german telephonecards
NC-Accu manager 1/96 controlled charging / discharging with capacity measurement
AT-keyboard interface 2/96 a programmable keyboard IF, even with macros!
ZX80 component 3/96 the component side of the ZX80 PCB
AT-keyboard IF (2) 4/96 an improved macro handling and alternating keyboardlayouts
Super moving keybd. 4/96 an adaption
Videotracer 4/96 Repairtool
How to check a Zeddy 4/96 a guide for checking and inspection
FDC improvement 5/96 better reliability for the Floppy disc controller (uses WD1793)
Serial EEPROM 5/96 an introduction
LCD display Part 3 1/97 the newest infos and connection diagrams
Rapairing the keybd. 1/97 useful hints for repairing the keyboard foil
Zeddy be cool 2/97 step-down DC-DC converter instead the 7805
Handling of GALs 3/97 a beginners course about GAL
The FPGA project 3/97 thoughts about the use of a FPGA instead the ULA
RAM-IC checker 3/97 a cheap checker for most-used RAMs (2k, 8k, 32k)
Megabyte-card 3/97 the new revision, upgraded for the ZX96 needs
LOAD and SAVE help 4/97 box with speaker and micro for comfortable LOAD and SAVE
quarter megabyte-card 4/97 use 32k x 8 chips instead the 128k x 8 on the megabytecard
Cache RAM 4/97 plug DIL cache RAMs in an usual socket
Handling of GALs (2) 4/97
ZX81-GIANT 4/97 144kB of various memory

Kai Fischer or Peter Liebert-Adelt

last updated Aug/98