The ZX2000

Here are the first released pics of the very first ZX2000 prototype build January 2000. Sorry for the poor quality...

The ZX2000 is nothing more than a ZX81 with a XILINX FPGA chip instead the old ULA. The FPGA also drives the LCD screen, so there is no additional hardware for the screen section. It has Video output as well, but no TV. Sorry, there really was no space for the modulator.

Here are some features the ZX81 never had inside but the ZX200 has:

  1. built in NiCd battery for up to 2 hours run time
  2. built in charge circuit, even the old ZX81 power supply can be used
  3. 512 kB FLASH memory for programs or any files, easy to use with MeFisDOS
  4. serial RS232 interface up to 9600 Baud
  5. 64 kB RAM inside (32k user free, 32k system)
  6. and -YES- the LCD screen

The ZX2000...

closer view at the MeFisDos screen

the boot screen designed by Bodo Wenzel

a look from the side...

and this is the heart of the system

More pics in better quality coming soon, with some closer details. I'm currently working on the 2nd and last prototype which shall be finished March 2002.

any comments please mail to: kai fischer 12/01